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Farmer Veteran Coalition Announces Virtual Conference
USAgNet - 10/22/2020

Farmer Veteran Coalition announces their 2020 National Stakeholders Virtual Conference will be held Nov. 18-19, 2020. It's the leading symposium for the military-to-agriculture movement - the growing movement to support the veteran men and women who choose to continue their service to the country by feeding it. The gathering returns for the sixth year.

A national non-profit that helps veterans pursue careers in agriculture, FVC mentors members of our Armed Forces who seek new ways to stay in communities they left in order to serve. When FVC was established in 2008, no one was connecting veterans with the farming community. Today there are more than 250 organizations supporting this movement. The Stakeholders Conference brings all the players together.

"A study showed that ever increasing numbers of our all-volunteer military are coming from rural areas," said Founder Michael O'Gorman. "We want to help them have a meaningful career when they return home. Farming has become their new mission."

FVC has assisted thousands of veterans with everything from equipment and grants, business plans, training and peer collaboration.

The conference connects veterans who are geographically isolated and sometimes separated from access to services. It's a forum for members to share their stories - their triumphs, struggles, lessons learned, and successes gained. It also serves as an introduction to resources available to veterans - from government, higher education, and partner organizations. Farmer veteran members benefit from exchanging ideas, and building their own community, together as individuals with unique goals, but in a united spirit of camaraderie.

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