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Saluting Farming Innovators on National Farmer’s Day
USAgNet - 09/20/2023

Did you know about the heroes behind those long-lasting apples or roses on your table? With National Farmer’s Day around the corner on Oct. 12, let's spotlight two incredible innovators: Sylvia Blankenship and Edward Sisler.

These two masterminds stumbled upon a wonder compound named 1-methylcyclopropene or, for us non-scientists, 1-MCP. What's the big deal, you ask? Well, 1-MCP is now a game-changer used worldwide to keep fruits, veggies, and flowers fresh for a more extended period. Think about it – longer shelf life means fewer rushed trips to the grocery store.

The magic of 1-MCP is its ability to outsmart ethylene, the usual culprit behind the wilting and ripening of our favorite produce. Now, with this invention, market sellers have extra time to showcase their products. Even better, it allows our fruits and flowers to travel further without turning bad.

So, next time you relish a crisp apple or admire a vibrant bouquet, remember the duo that made it possible. Let's tip our hats to Blankenship and Sisler this National Farmer’s Day!

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