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Humanitarian Efforts an Insight into Health Care Delivery?
Indiana Ag Connection - 03/27/2020

Lessons learned about supply chain systems in humanitarian relief efforts can help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Questions have been raised during the COVID-19 pandemic about supply chain management and health care delivery systems.

Purdue University researchers who study systems used to provide humanitarian relief in other countries after disasters say some key considerations can help during a crisis.

Yuehwern Yih, a professor of industrial engineering in Purdue's College of Engineering, has developed novel systems combining inventory and distribution tracking in one easy-to-use platform. Yih is academic director of the federal Long-term Assistance and Services for Research's Partners for University-Led Solutions Engine consortium, associate director of Purdue's Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering, and director of the Smart Systems and Operational Laboratory at Purdue. She has worked with first responders and business leaders around the world to improve supply chain systems.

"It's key to develop a system that strikes a balance between automation and flexibility," Yih said. "You want critical supplies to have easy-to-track footprints and a system that can provide real-time data to allow better tracking of supplies and aid so that help and supplies reach those most in need."

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