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Nebraska Signs Memorandum of Understanding in China
USAgNet - 11/14/2017

Lt. Governor Mike Foley and Director Wang of Hebei Province Department of Human Resources signed a memorandum of understanding to increase exchange of information and build a better relationship between Hebei Province and the State of Nebraska. Hebei is an important center of agriculture and industry in Eastern China.

During his meeting with Director Wang, Lt. Governor Foley welcomed Hebei officials to come visit Nebraska and asked for support from the provincial government in promoting Nebraska as a destination for investment. Both sides expressed their desire to increase trade, exchange ideas, and work together to develop better relations.

Foley has been travelling in China since November 5th in order to promote Nebraska goods and develop closer business ties between Nebraska and China. Foley addressed the opening ceremony of the China Agricultural Fair in Yangling, Shaanxi along with dignitaries from China, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Approximately 300,000 people attended the first day of the China Agricultural Fair. After attending the China Agricultural Fair, Folry travelled to Beijing and surrounding areas.

In addition to attending the China Agricultural Fair, Foley has been meeting with business and government representatives from across China to build relationships and encourage more business and investment in Nebraska. The Lt. Governor returndc to the United States over the weekend.

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