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Indiana Ag News Headlines
Potential Human Habitat Located on the Moon
Indiana Ag Connection - 10/19/2017
A study published in Geophysical Research Letters confirms the existence of a large open lava tube in the Marius Hills region of the moon, which could be used to protect astronauts from hazardous conditions on the surface. No one has ever been on the moon longer than three days, largely because space suits alone can't shield astronauts from its elements: extreme temperature variation, radiation, and met . . .

Former NASA Astronaut to Speak at Annual Purdue Space Day
Indiana Ag Connection - 10/19/2017

Study Emphasizes Value of Conservation Practices in Western Erie Basin
Indiana Ag Connection - 10/19/2017

Why Do Many Nobel Prizes Go to Scientists Working on Fruit Flies?
Indiana Ag Connection - 10/19/2017

Defending the Flock During Migration Season
Indiana Ag Connection - 10/19/2017

Grants to Preserve Local History Across State
Indiana Ag Connection - 10/19/2017

'Let's Go Outside' Gaining Popularity in Indiana Teachers Curriculum
Indiana Ag Connection - 10/18/2017

National & World Ag Briefs
Next Round of NAFTA Renegotiation Talks Delayed
USAgNet - 10/18/2017

Deere Wins Court Case Over Use of Trademarked Colors
USAgNet - 10/18/2017

Monsanto Pledges $250,000 in Relief to Puerto Rico
USAgNet - 10/18/2017

Now Caterpillar is Entering the Utility Vehicle Market
USAgNet - 10/18/2017

USDA's Rollback of GIPSA Rule to Impact Farmers
USAgNet - 10/18/2017

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