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Indiana Beef Producers Advocate for Industry in DC

Indiana Beef Producers Advocate for Industry in DC

By Andi Anderson

The Indiana Beef Cattle Association (IBCA) recently concluded its participation in another impactful Legislative Conference hosted by the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) in Washington, D.C. This annual event provided an opportunity for cattle producers from across the nation, including Indiana, to engage directly with federal agencies and elected members of Congress on critical issues affecting the beef industry.

Reflecting on the conference, IBCA President Kelley Sheiss expressed gratitude for the opportunity to advocate for Indiana's cattle producers alongside fellow industry representatives. Notably, the inclusion of four youth members from the Indiana Junior Beef Cattle Association (IJBCA) added a valuable perspective to the discussions.

Indiana made a significant impact at the conference, boasting one of the largest contingencies among state associations and actively involving junior members. The IBCA delegation, comprising prominent industry leaders and youth representatives, engaged in productive discussions with nine legislative officials over the two-day period.

Among the key topics addressed during these meetings were:

  • Farm Bill: Advocating for measures to strengthen risk management and disaster relief programs for livestock, support voluntary conservation programs, and enhance funding for disease diagnostic laboratories.
  • Beef Check-off: Highlighting the value of the Beef Check-off program and defending it against potential threats.
  • Black Vulture Depredation Relief Act: Urging legislative action to address the growing issue of black vulture predation on herds.
  • International Trade: Emphasizing the importance of science-based trade policies to facilitate market access for U.S. beef.
  • Other Legislative Priorities: Discussing tax provisions, USDA policies on beef imports, and the reinstatement of critical reports such as the July Cattle on Feed Report.

NCBA President Mark Eisele underscored the significance of active engagement in policymaking, emphasizing the impact of decisions made in Washington on both current producers and future generations. He highlighted the importance of providing policymakers with informed perspectives and stories to shape better policy outcomes.

The participation of Indiana beef producers in events like the NCBA Legislative Conference demonstrates their commitment to advocating for the interests of the industry and ensuring its continued success and sustainability. Through collaborative efforts and meaningful dialogue with policymakers, the beef community strives to address challenges and opportunities facing the sector while safeguarding its long-term prosperity.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-sstajic

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