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NIPSCO Announces 2024 Environmental Grants

NIPSCO Announces 2024 Environmental Grants

Northern Indiana's Non-Profits Get Boost for Eco Projects

By Andi Anderson

NIPSCO has announced the recipients of its 2024 Environmental Action Grant, recognizing 21 non-profit organizations dedicated to environmental restoration and education initiatives throughout northern Indiana.

Rick Calinski, Director of Public Affairs at NIPSCO, expressed admiration for the commitment of these organizations to environmental stewardship, noting their efforts will leave a lasting impact on the region.

This year's grant-funded projects encompass a wide array of activities, including native habitat restoration, wildlife research, youth nature programming, pollinator projects, water quality monitoring, rainscaping education, and woods worker safety training. Many of these endeavors incorporate community engagement components, encouraging residents to actively participate in nature conservation efforts.

Among the grant recipients for 2024 are well-known organizations such as The Nature Conservancy in Indiana, Saint Mary's College, and Indiana Audubon Society, alongside smaller grassroots initiatives like The Outlet Youth Center and Speaks for the Trees and More.

Projects funded by the grants range from the expansion of habitat restoration areas, establishment of pollinator and monarch waystations, to educational programs aimed at raising awareness about invasive species and sustainable land management practices.

Notably, NIPSCO's Environmental Action Grant program has facilitated 143 environmental restoration and education projects across northern Indiana, with a cumulative donation of $577,700 to date. This year's grants, totaling $78,700, provide crucial support ranging from $500 to $5,000 for each selected organization.

NIPSCO is actively engaged in other environmental initiatives, including the establishment of early successional habitat on rights of way, partnerships with community organizations for restoration efforts, and the annual planting of thousands of trees in the region. The utility's commitment to environmental stewardship has earned it recognition as a Tree Line USA utility by the Arbor Day Foundation.

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