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USDA's 2024 Crop Survey
Indiana Ag Connection - 02/22/2024

As the 2024 crop production season kicks off, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) is set to engage with farmers across the country to assess their plans for the upcoming growing season.

The much-anticipated Prospective Plantings report, an annual survey-based estimate of U.S. farmers' intentions, plays a crucial role in shaping industry expectations for the year. Greg Thessen, Director of the NASS Upper Midwest Regional Field Office, emphasizes the significance of the March Agricultural Survey in providing foundational data for these projections.

Starting on Feb. 19, NASS will dispatch surveys to approximately 2,300 Iowa producers. The survey will inquire about the types of crops they plan to cultivate in 2024, the acreage earmarked for planting, and the quantities of grain and oilseed stored on their farms. Producers have the option to respond either online at or via mail. It's essential to note that those who fail to respond by Feb. 27 might receive reminders via email or be contacted for an interview.

To uphold confidentiality, as mandated by federal law, NASS ensures that individual responses are kept private, and data is only published in aggregate form. This precaution guarantees the anonymity of specific operations or producers. The compiled information from the survey will be unveiled in the Prospective Plantings and quarterly Grain Stocks reports scheduled for release on Mar. 28, 2024.

For those interested in accessing the reports and additional NASS publications, all information will be made available online at Should there be any inquiries or need for further information, the NASS Upper Midwest Regional Office can be reached at 800-772-0825.

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