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Indiana Dairy Producers Celebrate Outstanding Achievements
Indiana Ag Connection - 05/29/2023

The Indiana Dairy Producers recently honored exceptional individuals and farms for their remarkable contributions to the dairy industry. Among the prestigious award recipients were Charles and Margaret Carter of Carterly Dairy in Thorntown, who were named the Dairy Producers of the Year for 2023.

The Carter family's dedication and hard work have made them exemplary leaders in the dairy community. Their farm, Carterly Dairy, stands as a testament to their commitment to excellence and innovation. The Indiana Dairy Producers bestowed this well-deserved honor upon them to acknowledge their outstanding contributions to the industry.

In addition to the Dairy Producers of the Year, the awards ceremony recognized other notable achievements within the dairy sector. Steve and Abbie Herr from Kendallville were recognized as the Young Producers of the Year, highlighting their passion and commitment to the future of dairy farming.

The event also included scholarships to support promising individuals pursuing careers in the dairy industry. Sophia Bollenbacjer from Argos was awarded the Alan Kuehnert Memorial Scholarship for her exceptional achievements and potential in the field. Jacqueline Mudd from Berne received the Indiana Dairy Producers scholarship, recognizing her dedication and commitment to the dairy sector.

These awards not only celebrate the accomplishments of these individuals and their farms but also showcase the talent and innovation within Indiana's dairy industry. The recognition serves as a reminder of the vital role that dairy producers play in ensuring the success and sustainability of the dairy sector.

The Indiana Dairy Producers' awards ceremony serves as a platform to honor those who have made significant contributions to the industry, while also inspiring others to strive for excellence. These exceptional individuals and farms are shining examples of the dedication, hard work, and innovation that drive the dairy industry forward in Indiana.

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