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Purdue on the Farm: Bridging the Gap Between Farmers and Researchers
Indiana Ag Connection - 05/29/2023

Purdue on the Farm, an innovative program facilitated by Purdue Extension, is fostering a stronger connection between farmers and researchers. In the latest episode of the HAT Soil Health Podcast, sponsored by the Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative (CCSI), the program takes center stage, highlighting its significance and impact on agricultural practices.

The origins of Purdue on the Farm can be traced back to the COVID-19 pandemic when face-to-face interactions became limited. Recognizing the need for continued engagement, Purdue Extension sought to establish a platform that would enable farmers to connect with extension educators and researchers throughout the state.

One of the guests on the podcast, Dan Quinn, the Purdue Extension Corn Specialist, emphasizes the program's purpose of encouraging greater involvement between Purdue Extension and farmers. Through Purdue on the Farm, farmers gain access to crop scouting, surveys, demonstrations, and research opportunities. Quinn emphasizes the value of conducting research on individual fields, enabling farmers to evaluate various products and management practices for their effectiveness and economic viability.

Bryan Overstreet, the Northern Conservation Agronomist for CCSI, highlights the program's role in assisting farmers in setting up trials. By working closely with a farmer who was interested in trying out different products, Overstreet ensured that the data collected from the trials would be useful and informative.

Hans Schmitz from CCSI also joins the discussion, emphasizing that Purdue on the Farm caters to farmers from diverse agricultural operations. While the program currently focuses on corn and soybean research, Purdue Extension possesses expertise in livestock, urban agriculture, horticulture, and other areas. County educators with specialized knowledge are available to assist farmers in various agricultural domains.

Purdue on the Farm stands as a testament to the commitment of Purdue Extension and its dedication to serving farmers' needs. By fostering collaboration and providing research support, the program aims to enhance agricultural practices and ensure that farmers have the necessary tools and knowledge to make informed decisions on their farms. Through this initiative, Purdue Extension reaffirms its role as a valuable resource for farmers across the state.

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