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Spring Indiana Gypsy Moth Treatments Completed
Indiana Ag Connection - 05/28/2020

Aerial btk treatments to manage gypsy moth in sites in Huntington and Porter counties were completed yesterday.

Detailed maps of the treatment sites can be found at

Btk occurs naturally in soil and has been used for decades by organic gardeners with an excellent safety record for people and animals. People who live or work near the treatment area might choose to take common-sense precautions, including staying inside when the plane is flying, and for about 30 minutes after treatment is completed. This gives the material time to settle into and adhere to treetops.

The second round of treatments, which involves using mating disruption to control gypsy moths, is expected to begin the third week of June in Huntington and Marshall counties.

The mating-disruption process consists of dropping small plastic flakes from an airplane. The green flakes carry the scent of the female gypsy moth. The tiny flakes, each about the size of a hyphen on a typewriter, falsely indicate an abundance of females in the area. The male moths recognize the scent on the flakes and look for a mate in the wrong place. The males, being misled, fail to mate, and no offspring are produced to eat the tree leaves the next year.

Further details about mating-disruption treatments will be announced in a news release in June.

Gypsy moth is one of North America's most devastating invasive forest pests. For more information on gypsy moth, call 1-866-NO-EXOTIC (663-9684) or call the local county extension office at 1-888-EXT-INFO (1-888-398-4636) or visit

To determine if your property is in the treatment areas and for more information about gypsy moth, see

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