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Marion Co. Hobby Flock Tests Positive for H5N1
Indiana Ag Connection - 07/01/2022

On Thursday, a hobby/non-poultry flock in Marion County tested positive for the H5 avian influenza virus. The small, hobby flock consisted of a goose and a chicken. The goose was tested after two wild birds on the Marion1 property tested positive for HPAI. A surveillance zone is being established.

HOBBY/BACKYARD FLOCK SURVEILLANCE: Testing of nearby flocks is important to verifying the virus has not spread in the area. BOAH staff will be reaching out to poultry owners within the surveillance zone to schedule testing as part of required area surveillance.

WILD BIRD SURVEILLANCE: USDA Wildlife Services and Indiana Department of Natural Resources are assisting with surveillance of wild birds in and near the control areas. Nearly 300 samples from wild bird species have been tested. Positive test results have been identified in two bald eagles, two red-tailed hawks, a redhead duck, two great-horned owls, and a double-crested cormorant collected in Indiana.

PROGRESS REPORT: The nine commercial farms have been cleared to restock with poultry at the owners' discretion. All nine flocks have completed required virus elimination activities and observed a fallow period.

As part of existing avian influenza response plans, federal and state partners are working jointly on additional surveillance and testing in areas around the affected flocks. The United States has the strongest AI surveillance program in the world, and USDA is working with its partners to actively look for the disease in commercial poultry operations, live bird markets and in migratory wild bird populations.

BOAH is working with multiple state and federal partners to respond to this event, including Indiana Department of Health, Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Indiana Department of Environmental Management, and USDA Veterinary Services, Wildlife Services and Farm Service Agency.

Indiana is a leading producer of poultry, eggs and poultry products. Nationally, Indiana ranks number 1 in production of ducks, second in layer chickens and table eggs, and third in turkeys, as well as a major producer of broilers. Dubois County is Indiana's leading turkey-producing county.

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