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Allen Co. Backyard Flock Tests Positive for HPAI
Indiana Ag Connection - 05/13/2022

On Thursday, a small non poultry (aka backyard) flock tested presumptive-positive for the H5 avian influenza. Samples will be forwarded to the USDA National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Iowa for confirmation. The flock is located in Allen County (referred to as Allen1). Nearly all of the flock had died, motivating the owner to call the Healthy Birds Hotline. (NOTE: Under international animal health standards, small, hobby flocks are classified as "non -poultry" to distinguish from operations that participate in commerce.)

Testing of nearby flocks is important to verifying the virus has not spread in the area. A control area and surveillance zone will be established in Allen County to meet surveillance criteria. The affected area contains 18 commercial farms (which are being notified); testing will commence soon.

BOAH staff will be reaching out to residents near the Allen County site to schedule testing of birds to ensure the virus is not present. BOAH has 60 registered hobby flocks in the area. Hobby poultry owners in Allen County should contact BOAH at 317-544-2387 to schedule testing at no charge.

USDA Wildlife Services is assisting with surveillance of wild birds in and near the control areas. Approximately 220 samples from waterfowl, pigeons, European starlings and other species have been tested. Positive test results have been identified in a bald eagle, a hawk and a redhead duck collected in Indiana.

As of May 5, HPAI control areas around the first nine commercial flocks in Indiana have been lifted. This means commercial poultry farms within 10 km of those sites are no longer required to be tested weekly and subject to movement permits for poultry and associated products. Some individual farms remain under quarantine until virus elimination activities are complete.

- The last infected premises in the control areas is depopulated and the compost pile has been set (capped)

- No HPAI-positive diagnostics have been identified in the control area for 14 days after the depopulation of the infected premises

- Initial virus elimination activities on the last infected premises are complete (including outside areas of the site, equipment, trucks, and other potential fomites used in the depopulation activities)

- Required surveillance in the control area (commercial and backyard premises) has been completed; no evidence of HPIA infection was found in the control area

- Surveillance requirements for international and bilateral trade are being conducted and may continue.

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