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High Oleic Soybean Demand Grows
Indiana Ag Connection - 09/14/2023

High oleic soybeans are in growing demand across 13 states, with Indiana and Ohio leading the acreage. An event organized by the United Soybean Board aimed to encourage further cultivation of these soybeans, bringing together farmers in late August.

Kevin Wilson, a farmer from Cass County, shared his experience growing high oleic beans, noting the significant changes over the past 7-8 years. The challenges that once existed have largely disappeared, and the differences in managing high oleic and conventional soybeans are minimal.

Switching between the two types is now simple, without the need for extensive equipment cleaning or flushing combines when transitioning. Moreover, companies offer substantial premiums for high oleic soybeans, ranging from $2 to $2.20 per bushel for the previous year's crop and an estimated $1.75 per bushel for the 2024 crop.

Yield reduction and weed control were once major concerns for growers considering high oleic soybeans. Traci Bultemeier, Northeast Indiana Territory Manager for Pioneer, explained that robust pre-plant and pre-emerge weed control programs have mitigated weed-related issues. Additionally, high oleic soybeans do not exhibit yield drag and perform competitively with other varieties.

High oleic soybeans present an opportunity for farmers to meet the growing demand for healthier oils while benefiting from attractive premiums and simplified management practices. For more information, farmers can consult the United Soybean Board and the Indiana Soybean Alliance, as well as contact their local Pioneer sales representatives to explore high oleic soybean cultivation.

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