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Rachel Hyde Wins INFB Young Farmers 2023 Award
Indiana Ag Connection - 09/15/2023

The Indiana Farm Bureau (INFB) has always been at the forefront of recognizing talent and dedication in the agricultural industry.

This year was no exception, with the spotlight shining bright on an outstanding individual from Hamilton County - Rachel Hyde.

The introduction of the "Rising Star Award" for 2023 signaled INFB's commitment to appreciate those who are not just excelling in their agricultural endeavors but are also actively participating in community services and Farm Bureau activities.

This prestigious award is given to those young farmers and agricultural professionals who go the extra mile, demonstrating leadership, innovation, and passion in their field.

And this year, it was Rachel Hyde's efforts that did not go unnoticed. A resident of Hamilton County, Hyde's consistent dedication to farming and her involvement in the Farm Bureau made her the obvious choice for this new honor.

The Rising Star Award was designed to highlight those who, through their actions and initiatives, breathe life into their communities and the wider ag industry.

It's not just about the work in the fields, but also about the engagement with the community, the contributions to the Farm Bureau, and the vision to ensure a sustainable future for farming.

Hyde's win is an embodiment of these ideals, and her achievement serves as an inspiration to other young farmers and ag professionals across the state and beyond.

By highlighting the achievements of people like Hyde, INFB not only encourages more young individuals to pursue their passions in agriculture but also emphasizes the importance of community involvement and leadership in today's farming world.

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