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Farm Bill Extension Talks Gain Momentum
Indiana Ag Connection - 11/09/2023

As the House resumes work post-speaker selection, calls for extending the 2018 Farm Bill echo through legislative corridors. Rep. David Scott (D-GA-13), urging unity against measures affecting food access, calls for a one-year extension, a sentiment shared by Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA-08).

The possibility of an extension gains traction, allowing lawmakers time to address legislative complexities. Rep. Austin Scott anticipates a focus on budget resolutions and appropriation measures, potentially completing farm bill discussions by January or February.

Acknowledging D.C.'s chaotic year, Rep. Glenn “G.T.” Thompson (R-PA-15) deems an extension necessary. Despite aspirations to honor the new speaker's plan, the practicalities of legislative timelines may necessitate an extension.

If pursued, approval for the farm bill extension is likely several weeks away. Lawmakers grapple with time constraints, emphasizing pragmatic measures for sustaining agricultural stability amidst ongoing challenges.

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