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Purdue Women in Agriculture Survey Open
By: Kelly Heckaman, Purdue Extension-Kosciusko County - 09/25/2020

I know that this is the start of a very busy time of the year with harvest just getting underway. Hopefully though you have 10-15 minutes that you can share with the Purdue Women in Agriculture Team. It has been 3 years since with last visited with you about programming ideas for the upcoming year. This survey provides invaluable information to the team not only for program planning but also for writing grants to further our mission.

Please click on the link below (2020 Women in Ag Programming Survey) to complete the survey. Most of the questions just require you to select answers and some will ask you to share your write your answers/inputs.

The 2020 Women in Ag programming survey is found at

If you can complete the survey by Oct. 2, we would greatly appreciate it.

Have a safe and bountiful fall.

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