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This 'Nado Gives Summer Beverages the Big Chill
Indiana Ag Connection - 05/15/2019

Summer is quickly approaching -- and that means the start of beach season. A cold beverage can really hit the spot on a hot, humid day, but most coolers take a while to chill drinks and can warm quickly when parked on a sandy beach.

A Purdue University team has come up with a new approach to the conventional drink cooler -- a technology called ChillNado.

"This innovation is better than the luxury coolers being sold out on the market today," said Scott Lancaster, an alumnus of Purdue's College of Engineering. "ChillNado can store drinks at a cool temperature for a long time, but also rapidly cool warmer drinks to near freezing in less than a few minutes. Our device can cool several drinks at once and keep them all cool for a long time."

The other team members include David Page, Chris Mead, Mick LoVerde and Kyle Ma, all Purdue alumni. They applied machine design, heat transfer and other engineering principles to develop the mechanical system for ChillNado.

"We have worked on the design to create a compact, lightweight and efficient product that's good for the beach, tailgates, festivals and other locations," Lancaster said. "We want to see our innovative rapid-cooling consumer cooler mass-produced."

The Purdue team also has been working on creating other versions of the technology for use beyond the cooler industry.

The team members are working with the Purdue Research Foundation Office of Technology Commercialization to secure a patent for the technology. They are looking for partners to license it.

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