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Indiana Dairy Farmers Shine in the Indy 500 Winner's Circle
Indiana Ag Connection - 05/26/2023

The Indianapolis 500, known for its thrilling race, is also famous for the tradition of celebrating the winner in the prestigious winner's circle with a bottle of milk. Indiana's dairy farmers play a significant role in this tradition, and this year, Kerry Estes and Alex Neuenschwander have been selected as the 2023 Veteran Milk Man and Rookie Milk Man, respectively, adding to the excitement surrounding the Indy 500.

Kerry Estes, a first-generation dairy farmer, feels honored to represent Indiana's dairy farmers as the Veteran Milk Man. Growing up without a farming background, Estes turned his childhood dream of becoming a dairy farmer into reality through hard work. With 150 crossbred cows on their farm southeast of Indianapolis, Estes is eager to highlight sustainable practices, cow welfare, and the nutritional value of milk. Under the slogan "Winners Drink Milk," Estes aims to showcase the positive contributions of dairy farmers.

Alex Neuenschwander, a fourth-generation dairy farmer, is thrilled to serve as the Rookie Milk Man. Having grown up in Indiana, Neuenschwander has always cherished the Indy 500 and now has the opportunity to fulfill his dream of presenting the milk in the winner's circle. He sees this as a platform to highlight the dedication and passion of dairy farmers and their commitment to producing high-quality milk while prioritizing cow care.

Both Estes and Neuenschwander will be accompanied by their families at the Indy 500. Estes's wife and four children will join him after completing their milking chores, while Neuenschwander's entire family, including his sons Adler, Case, and Wyatt, will be in attendance. It is a moment of pride for both farmers, with Neuenschwander excited to share this memorable experience with his family.

The 107th Indy 500, set to take place on May 28th at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, will be an event filled with anticipation and significance. The presence of these dairy farmers adds an extra layer of excitement, symbolizing the intersection of speed, victory, and the hard work of Indiana's dairy industry. Through their participation, they showcase the importance of dairy farming and the dedication of Indiana's dairy farmers.

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