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New Online Floodplain Tool to Save Time
Indiana Ag Connection - 01/13/2022

A new Indiana Floodplain Information Portal (INFIP) is available that will save users valuable time.

INFIP is designed to show flood risk associated with Indiana bodies of water and provide information specifically for local and state floodplain permitting. The information is based on the regulatory floodplain limits, because floods exceeding the regulatory floodplain can and do occur.

With this new tool, the user can download a Floodplain Analysis and Regulatory Assessment (FARA) directly from the app. The tool reduces FARA wait times from 30-60 days to a matter of minutes. The user also has an option to file for staff review of their site but should only do so if:

- the nearest stream's drainage area is greater than one square mile and there is no mapped floodway;

- there is not a mapped floodplain on the nearest stream to the point of interest;

- there is no mapped floodway for the stream nearest the point of interest; or,

- the point of interest is in a floodplain of another stream, but the stream nearest the point of interest does not have a mapped floodplain with a floodway of its own.

The new site is at

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