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Indiana Farm Bureau Sets Legislative Goals
Indiana Ag Connection - 11/15/2023

The Indiana Farm Bureau (INFB) is gearing up for pivotal discussions with state legislators.

Their agenda?

To drive policies that nurture the agricultural sector, a critical component of Indiana's economy. With the legislative session on the horizon, INFB has laid out its strategy, focusing on three critical areas: rural sustainability, taxation, and land use.

Randy Kron, INFB President, emphasizes the vital role of agriculture in the state's economy, noting its expansive impact beyond the fields. INFB's policy-making process is a collective effort, drawing insights from its members across all 92 counties in Indiana.

One of the pressing issues is rural viability. According to INFB Executive Director of Public Policy, Andy Tauer, enhancing infrastructure like roads and bridges is paramount. As farming equipment evolves, the need for accommodating larger and more advanced machinery becomes crucial. Additionally, INFB is advocating for the expansion of broadband to the remotest agricultural areas, a vital tool for modern farming practices.

The INFB is also addressing workforce challenges by tackling obstacles like access to childcare and food security. These efforts aim to create a more robust agricultural labor force.

Another key focus for INFB is taxation and fiscal policy. The Bureau seeks to reform state and local tax systems, specifically adjusting the state’s farmland formula. Their goal is to ease the tax burden on producers, which can, in turn, lower grocery prices for consumers.

The final pillar of INFB's policy priorities involves land use and property rights. The bureau is addressing the threat posed by development to farmland and water resources. Preserving farmland and ensuring water conservation are critical to sustaining Indiana's agriculture.

As the legislative session approaches, INFB's leaders and staff are preparing for meaningful dialogues with policymakers. Their goal is not just to advocate for the agricultural community but to ensure that the policies enacted support the broader health and sustainability of Indiana's rural areas.

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