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More than honeybees - Celebrate world bee day for pollinators!

More than honeybees - Celebrate world bee day for pollinators!

By Jamie Martin

World Bee Day isn't just about honeybees! While important, honeybees are just one member of a vast team of pollinators. There are over 350,000 pollinating species worldwide, including butterflies, moths, beetles, and even birds and bats!

World Bee Day reminds us of the critical connection between pollinators and food security. An estimated 75% of our crops rely on or benefit from animal pollinators. Supporting pollinators helps ensure a stable food supply.

Bees and other pollinators face threats from human activities like habitat loss, pesticides, and climate change. World Bee Day 2024 focuses on "Bee engaged with Youth," highlighting the importance of involving young people in pollinator conservation.

This year's campaign aims to educate young people about the essential role of pollinators in agriculture, the environment, and biodiversity. By engaging youth in beekeeping, education, and advocacy, we can inspire future environmental stewards who can make a positive impact.

Promoting diverse agricultural practices and reducing reliance on harmful chemicals can improve pollination. This approach benefits both humans and the ecosystem by increasing food quality and quantity.

Photo Credit: pexels-pixabay

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