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Bipartisan Legislation Introduced to Boost Animal Feed Innovation

Bipartisan Legislation Introduced to Boost Animal Feed Innovation

By Andi Anderson

Representatives Greg Pence (R-IN-06), Jim Baird (R-IN-04), Kim Schrier (D-WA-08), and Angie Craig (D-MN-02), along with eight co-sponsors, have introduced the Innovative Feed Enhancement and Economic Development Act of 2023 (Innovative FEED Act).

This bipartisan legislation seeks to streamline the approval process for safe and effective animal feed additives by creating a new regulatory category and removing unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles.

Key points of the Innovative FEED Act:

  • Creates a new category for animal feed additives called "zootechnical animal food substances." These substances act within the animal's digestive system to provide benefits like reducing pathogens, lowering byproducts, and improving gut health.
  • Streamlines the approval process for zootechnical animal food substances by utilizing the existing Food Additive Petition process, saving time and money for innovators.
  • Provides farmers with more voluntary tools to improve animal health, productivity, and profitability.
  • Levels the playing field for American farmers and innovators by aligning regulatory processes with other countries.

The Innovative FEED Act is supported by a broad coalition of agricultural organizations, including the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA), the National Milk Producers Federation, the Indiana Dairy Producers, the American Feed Industry Association, and the National Grain & Feed Association.

Supporters praise the bill's potential to benefit farmers and consumers: • NASDA CEO Ted McKinney: "This legislation will increase efficiency and innovation in a competitive market in a way that is safe for animals, producers, and consumers."

  • National Milk Producers Federation President and CEO Jim Mulhern: "This bipartisan effort will boost U.S. dairy farmers even further, and we look forward to working with the bill's sponsors to enact it into law."
  • Indiana Dairy Producers President Steve Obert: "This bill cuts regulatory red tape by creating an improved framework for the Food and Drug Administration to review and approve animal feed additives."
  • American Feed Industry Association President and CEO Constance Cullman: "The legislation will be the spark needed to drive nutritional innovation in the U.S. that improves animal health and production while addressing public health challenges."
  • National Grain & Feed Association: "This legislation is needed to modernize our regulatory system so innovative feed ingredients, already safely used in dozens of other countries, can be available to American producers." With its bipartisan support and potential to benefit both farmers and consumers, the Innovative FEED Act is poised to make significant improvements to the animal feed additive regulatory landscape.

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