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Indiana Farm Bureau Sets 2024 Agenda

Indiana Farm Bureau Sets 2024 Agenda

By Andi Anderson

The Indiana Farm Bureau (INFB) has strategically positioned itself for the 2024 legislative session, setting forth a comprehensive agenda geared towards reinforcing the backbone of Indiana's rural communities. Spearheaded by INFB President Randy Kron, the bureau's focus encompasses three critical domains: rural viability, taxation, and land use rights.

Central to the rural viability initiative is the push for essential services in rural areas. Quality childcare, robust funding for emergency services, and the expansion of high-speed broadband are at the forefront.

The post-COVID era has underscored the dire need for reliable internet across Indiana's countryside. Kron emphasizes a collaborative approach, combining public and private resources, to bridge the digital divide and reach the 'last mile.'

Taxation and fiscal policy also receive significant attention. The INFB proposes a revision of the farmland formula to ease the property tax burden on homeowners and landowners. A task force is expected to convene shortly, aiming to overhaul Indiana's tax structure, offering recommendations that span from local to state government levels.

Property rights, particularly concerning land use, form another pillar of INFB's agenda. Water rights, a topic of growing importance, are set to be a central theme, especially in light of developments like the LEAP district near Lafayette. The project's substantial water usage from the Wabash River aquifer has raised concerns, prompting the bureau to advocate for balanced development and sustainable water resource management.

Foreign land ownership is another topic that might stir debate. While the bureau acknowledges the complexity of the issue, it seeks to foster comprehensive discussions to understand the nuances and implications of such ownership.

The significance of these initiatives extends far beyond the agricultural sector. Agriculture is a key economic driver in Indiana, contributing over $35 billion and employing one in every ten Hoosiers.

Hence, policy changes in this sector have far-reaching impacts, influencing the state's overall economic health and growth. Through its 2024 agenda, the Indiana Farm Bureau aims not just to address immediate concerns but to lay a foundation for sustainable, long-term development across Indiana's rural landscape.

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