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Indiana State Fair's 2024 Featured Farmer Showcase
Indiana Ag Connection - 04/02/2024

The Indiana State Fair's Featured Farmer program for 2024 promises an exciting lineup of fifteen Indiana farm families sharing their diverse agricultural stories. From soybeans to beef, dairy to organic products, and even grapes and honey, these farmers represent the rich tapestry of agriculture in Indiana. Here's a breakdown of the schedule:

• Friday, Aug. 2: Scarborough Farms (LaPorte County) - Soybeans

• Saturday, Aug. 3: Paschen Farms Inc. (Cass County) - Pork

• Sunday, Aug. 4: Howe Farms (Lake County) - Beef, Pork, and Hops

• Tuesday, Aug. 6: Lueken Dairy Farm (Dubois County) - Dairy

• Wednesday, Aug. 7: Celtic Glen Heritage Livestock (Owen County) - Beef Cattle, Goats, Sheep, and Rabbits

• Thursday, Aug. 8: Union Go Dairy (Randolph County) - Dairy

• Friday, Aug. 9: Blue Yonder Organic Farm (Hendricks County) - Organic Certified Farm Fresh Products

• Saturday, Aug. 10: Kirk Hoffman & Family Farms (Whitley County) - Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Forage Production, and Maple Syrup

• Sunday, Aug. 11: Fair Farms and Produce (Hancock County) - Farm Fresh Produce

• Tuesday, Aug. 13: Advanced Resources Inc. (Wabash County) - Seed Corn and Seed Beans

• Wednesday, Aug. 14: DDH Farms (Randolph County) - Corn and Soybeans

• Thursday, Aug. 15: Winzerwald Winery (Perry County) - Grapes and Wine

• Friday, Aug. 16: Tree City Bee Company (Decatur County) - Honey Drink, Honey, and Bees

• Saturday, Aug. 17: Everett Farms and Seed (Boone County) - Corn

• Sunday, Aug. 18: 550 Wagyu (Tippecanoe County) - Beef

The presentations will take place daily from 2:30 p.m. starting August 2nd through August 18th (closed Mondays) at The Glass Barn at the Indiana State Fair. This event provides an excellent opportunity for fairgoers to engage with farmers, learn about different agricultural practices, and gain insights into the challenges and opportunities in farming.

The program aims to showcase the importance of agriculture in Indiana and foster connections between farmers and consumers. It's an initiative deeply rooted in promoting understanding and appreciation for the agricultural community that feeds the world. For more information, interested individuals can visit

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