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Indiana Agriculture Calls for Tax Reform

Indiana Agriculture Calls for Tax Reform

By Andi Anderson

As temperatures rise and farmers take to the fields, another season begins – property tax season. Amidst the bustle of planting, it's crucial for farmers to pause and scrutinize their property tax assessments. The reality is stark: taxes are on the rise, and the burden weighs heavily on Indiana's agricultural community.

Farmers across Indiana are grappling with staggering increases in farmland taxes, with some facing bills soaring by 60 to 70 percent due to local school district debts. This isn't just a farmers' issue – it affects everyone. Chairman Rep. Jeff Thompson shed light on the situation during the Indiana State and Local Tax Review Task Force meeting, underscoring the need for comprehensive tax reform.

Chairman Thompson's focus on simplifying the real estate tax system and curbing excessive tax hikes is a step in the right direction. However, achieving meaningful reform will require concerted efforts over several legislative sessions. In response, the Indiana Farm Bureau has initiated its own tax task force, delving deep into the factors driving farmers' tax burdens.

How can you contribute to this critical dialogue? Start by engaging in conversations with your county assessors and legislators. Share your personal experiences and concerns about rising tax bills. With the 2025 legislative session on the horizon, now is the time to advocate for change.

If you have innovative ideas for improving the tax system, reach out to your county Farm Bureau or INFB's public policy team. Your input is invaluable as we collaborate with financial leaders to shape effective tax reform. Remember, reducing the tax burden benefits us all, especially farmers facing lower income projections in 2024.

Indiana's agricultural success is pivotal for food security and economic stability. Let's work together to build a solid foundation for the 2025 legislative session. Reach out to your legislators, share your stories, and champion tax reform for a brighter future for Indiana agriculture.

Randy Kron, President of the Indiana Farm Bureau, urges farmers and rural communities to unite in advocating for tax relief and ensuring the sustainability of Indiana agriculture.

Photo Credit: Indiana Farm Bureau

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