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Indiana Farm Bureau AgELECT PAC Endorses 21 Candidates

Indiana Farm Bureau AgELECT PAC Endorses 21 Candidates

By Andi Anderson

The Indiana Farm Bureau AgELECT PAC has announced its endorsement of 21 candidates vying for Statehouse seats in the upcoming 2024 primary election. This endorsement reflects the organization's commitment to supporting candidates who advocate for policies beneficial to agricultural interests and rural communities.

Randy Kron, President of INFB, emphasized the significance of state-level legislative decisions in shaping the landscape for Hoosier farmers and the broader agriculture industry. He underscored AgELECT's mission to back candidates who prioritize the concerns of Indiana's agricultural and rural sectors.

The endorsed candidates include individuals from both Republican and Democratic parties, signaling a bipartisan approach to advancing agricultural initiatives. These candidates, representing various Senate and House districts, have demonstrated a willingness to engage with and advocate for the needs of Indiana's agricultural community.

Endorsed candidates such as Brian Buchanan, Brett Clark, and Sharon Negele among others, have earned the support of AgELECT through their commitment to fostering a favorable environment for agriculture and rural development. The endorsement process involves input from INFB members residing in respective districts, maintaining the grassroots foundation of the organization.

AgELECT's endorsements serve as a recognition of candidates' dedication to supporting policies that uphold the interests of agriculture and contribute to the vitality of rural communities throughout the state. By backing these candidates, the organization aims to ensure that the voices of Indiana's farmers and rural residents are heard and represented in the halls of government.

Photo Credit: indiana-farm-bureau

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