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Indiana's Ag Director Pursues Trade Opportunities in South Korea

Indiana's Ag Director Pursues Trade Opportunities in South Korea

By Andi Anderson

Don Lamb, Director of the Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA), was among the delegates representing 49 U.S. companies and organizations on a recent USDA trade mission to South Korea. During this mission, Lamb focused on fostering relationships with South Korean counterparts to expand opportunities for Indiana's agricultural exports.

In an interview with Hoosier Ag Today, Lamb highlighted the potential for increasing exports of Indiana's agricultural products, particularly in the areas of beef, pork, poultry, and feed products. He emphasized the importance of leveraging partnerships to capitalize on these opportunities and strengthen Indiana's presence in international markets.

Participating in the USDA's trade mission provided Lamb and other delegates with valuable networking opportunities and insights into South Korea's agricultural landscape. Lamb expressed appreciation for the collaborative nature of the mission, facilitated by the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), which allowed representatives from different states to work together towards common goals.

South Korea presents a promising market for U.S. agricultural goods, particularly meat and bulk commodities, due to its reliance on imports to meet food and feed demands. Despite limited arable land, South Korea's fast-growing economy offers significant potential for expanding agricultural trade.

Alexis Taylor, Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs, underscored the importance of market diversification and relationship-building in expanding U.S. agricultural exports. The South Korea trade mission is part of USDA's broader efforts to open doors for American exporters and strengthen ties with key trading partners worldwide.

As Lamb and other agricultural leaders continue to explore opportunities in South Korea, the ISDA remains committed to supporting Indiana's agricultural community and driving economic growth through international trade. Stay updated on upcoming trade missions and initiatives through the USDA website.

Through initiatives like the South Korea trade mission, Don Lamb and the ISDA are paving the way for Indiana's agricultural products to reach new markets and thrive on the global stage.

Photo Credit: Indiana State Department of Agriculture

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