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May sees rise in US beef exports, decline in pork performance

May sees rise in US beef exports, decline in pork performance

By Jamie Martin

The latest USDA report highlighted a significant increase in the value of US beef exports for May 2024, marking the highest in 11 months at $902.4 million.

Despite a 5% drop in volume, the value of beef exports rose by 3% compared to last year, showcasing strong international demand, especially in Japan, Taiwan, and ASEAN countries.

Conversely, US pork exports didn't fare as well. Although the export value for pork remained robust at $715.8 million, it was slightly down by 2% from last year. The volume also decreased by 4%, continuing a trend of subdued performance relative to the exceptional results in previous years.

Japan remains a steadfast market for US beef, showing notable growth in both volume and value. This increase is partly due to the influx of tourists boosting the local foodservice sector.

Similarly, beef exports to Mexico and Taiwan have seen an upswing, driven by consistent demand and strategic market expansions.

Pork exports face challenges despite strong showings in markets like South Korea and ASEAN countries. The decrease in pork exports to Mexico, following a record month in April, underscores the volatility and competitive pressures within international meat trade markets.

The USDA and USMEF reports underscore the complex dynamics of agricultural exports, highlighting the importance of global market trends and consumer demand in shaping US trade outcomes.

As the year progresses, these trends will crucially influence strategic decisions within the US agricultural sector.

Photo Credit: nbsp;gettyimages-sstajic

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