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Housing and Facilities Webinar Offered for Sheep and Goat Producers

North Dakota State University Extension and University of Minnesota Extension will host a housing and facilities webinar focused on sheep and goat housing considerations at 7 p.m. CDT on Sept. 13.

Beginning ranchers and those looking to diversify their livestock operation will learn more about sheep and goat housing and handling systems. When raising sheep and goats, proper housing and facilities aid in effective management, save labor, and protect the animals, feed and equipment.

"When building new or retrofitting an existing barn, producers should consider the number and size of animals to determine space requirements for now and the future of your sheep and goat operation," says Erin Cortus, UMN Extension engineer in sustainable livestock production, facilities and housing. "Considerations also include ventilation, utilities and manure management."

"This is the continuation of our monthly series of webinars addressing the needs of beginning farmers," says Travis Hoffman, UMN and NDSU Extension sheep specialist. "Our fall 2022 webinar efforts will discuss topics for producers looking to start raising sheep and goats."

Pre-registration is required. Visit for more information and registration. Attendees will receive the Zoom link upon registration. Past webinars can be found on YouTube at the U of M Extension Sheep and Goats channel. For questions, contact Brenda Miller at or Hoffman at

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