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Indiana Farm Bureau Awards Scholarships

Indiana Farm Bureau Awards Scholarships

By Andi Anderson

The Indiana Farm Bureau continues its tradition of investing in the future of agriculture by awarding scholarships to three exceptional young women. These individuals represent the diverse and promising careers within the agricultural industry:

The newly established Ag Impact Scholarship recognizes applicants who demonstrate a lasting influence on Indiana agriculture. Each recipient is awarded a $2,000 scholarship, empowering them to pursue their educational and professional aspirations in agriculture.

Meet the Winners:

  1. Lauryn Merritt: Lauryn hails from Miami County and is a fifth-generation pig and grain farmer. Her dedication to agriculture is evident through her leadership roles in FFA and her extensive involvement in community service initiatives like "Harvest for Hunger." Lauryn's passion for agriculture education and community empowerment led her to pursue a double major in agriculture education and agriculture ministry at Huntington University.
  2. Anna Minich: Anna's upbringing on a dairy farm instilled in her a profound love for animals and agriculture. As the FFA chapter president and a dedicated member of 4-H, Anna aspires to become a large-animal veterinarian. She aims to contribute to animal care advancements while ensuring the sustainability of the agriculture industry. Anna will pursue her studies in animal science at South Dakota State University.
  3. Alexa Newby: Alexa, from Putnam County, is a dynamic individual with a keen interest in landscape architecture. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish her own business, Alie's Annuals, where she sells flowers to the community. Alexa's dedication to innovation and sustainability aligns with her goal of working for a major landscape architecture firm after obtaining her degree from Purdue University.

Additionally, two $1,000 scholarships were awarded to Jayden Simpson, majoring in agricultural economics, and Camille Thopy, pursuing a degree in agricultural education, both at Purdue University.

The Indiana Farm Bureau's commitment to supporting the educational pursuits of aspiring agricultural professionals extends beyond these scholarships. County Farm Bureaus also offer annual scholarships to students in their respective areas, providing further opportunities for growth and development.

To learn more about scholarships and educational initiatives supported by the Indiana Farm Bureau, visit

Photo Credit: Indiana Farm Bureau

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