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Indiana Soybean Alliance & Corn Marketing Council Launch Young Farmer Video Contest

Indiana Soybean Alliance & Corn Marketing Council Launch Young Farmer Video Contest

By Andi Anderson

The Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA) and Indiana Corn Marketing Council are igniting excitement in the farming community with a new video contest aimed at celebrating and nurturing the next generation of farmers.

This innovative competition calls for vertical videos (TikTok/Instagram Reels format) up to 90 seconds long, offering participants the chance to showcase their family's farm in creative ways. Entrants can focus on aspects like the uniqueness of their farm, the various uses of soybeans in daily life, sustainable farming practices, or share their reasons for joining the Indiana FFA Organization and the importance of guiding the next wave of agricultural leaders.

The video prompts include:

  • What Makes Your Farm Special: Display your farm's distinct features, equipment, and what sets it apart.
  • Soybeans in Daily Life: Illustrate the myriad ways soybeans influence your everyday life, from shoes to food oil, road treatments, and crayons.
  • Sustainable Farming Practices: Shed light on sustainable farming practices like cover crops and no-till, explaining why they are crucial for environmental stewardship.
  • FFA Impact: Share your personal journey with FFA, emphasizing why shaping the future of agriculture is meaningful to you.

Entrants are encouraged to use their filmmaking and editing skills, adding effects, music, and voiceovers to create captivating videos. The stakes are high, with a chance to win $200 for the most compelling entry.

The submission deadline is April 8, 2024, and participants must be Indiana residents to qualify. Submitted videos may also be featured on the Indiana Soybean Alliance's social media pages. Winners will be notified via email or phone.

It's an excellent opportunity for young farmers to showcase their passion, creativity, and commitment to the future of agriculture. To learn more about the contest details and submit your entry, CLICK HERE. Join the movement and let Indiana's farming future shine!

Photo Credit: gettyimages-shotbydave

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