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Salmonella outbreak linked to Indiana Melon farms

Salmonella outbreak linked to Indiana Melon farms

By Andi Anderson

The FDA has identified a recent outbreak of Salmonella Newport infections linked to three farms in Indiana, although the agency has not publicly named the farms. These melon farms have also been associated with previous outbreaks, including one in 2022. While the FDA did not name the farms in the previous outbreaks, a report on the 2022 outbreak mentioned Knox and Gibson Counties in Indiana. In the 2022 outbreak, 87 people fell ill, and 32 were hospitalized.

According to the FDA's outbreak notice on October 12, the agency found continued food safety concerns related to melons from the Southwest Indiana growing region. The FDA has concluded its investigation into the outbreak and stated that there is no current risk to the public, as the implicated products are no longer on the market.

The investigation involved samples collected from the Indiana farms, and Salmonella strains from these samples matched the pathogen found in the confirmed outbreak patients. The farms were also linked to several different Salmonella strains from previous outbreaks.

The report from the 2022 investigation highlighted various factors related to the outbreaks, including the proximity of turkey feeding operations to the melon growing fields and the presence of drainage ditches that could have led to contamination from floodwaters. Isolates collected from the farms were found to match clinical cases and strains from previous outbreaks, indicating that these strains have caused illnesses.

The FDA recommended improved traceability methods for the implicated farms, including increased digitization, interoperability, and standardization of traceability records to expedite traceback and prevent contaminated products from reaching the marketplace. This recommendation is important for growers, shippers, manufacturers, and retailers to enhance overall traceability throughout the supply chain and ensure food safety.


Photo Credit: istock-mailson-pignata

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