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12 Indiana heroes lead the charge for environmental change

12 Indiana heroes lead the charge for environmental change

By Andi Anderson

As Earth Day approaches, the Environmental Resilience Institute at Indiana University has chosen to honor 12 remarkable individuals from across the state. These Hoosier Resilience Heroes are making significant contributions towards building a more sustainable and resilient Indiana.

Among the honored are farmers, students, volunteers, nonprofit leaders, and local government staff. They are engaging in a range of environmental initiatives, from regenerative agriculture and clean energy to environmental justice.

Juan Carlos Arango, a small-scale farmer, is advancing regenerative agriculture at his permaculture farm, Sobremesa Farm. In South Bend, Alex Bazán, the city’s sustainability director, is driving forward energy-efficient practices and solar power installations. John Blair has dedicated over four decades to keeping major polluters away from Indiana and its neighboring states.

In the northwest of Indianapolis, Liz Gore is tackling industrial pollution and environmental disparities, while Pamela Guerrero has been pivotal in promoting green infrastructure projects across Indiana communities. Gwen Halsted uses her Quaker faith to inspire sustainable living and advocate for environmental policies.

Lorrie Heber, from the White Violet Center for Eco-Justice, has been a force in local food networking and wetlands conservation. High school senior Elena Krueper is making strides in environmental advocacy in Elkhart, alongside enhancing environmental journalism among her peers.

Debbie Palmer is committed to preserving Lake Maxinkuckee and its ecosystem. Marianne Peters manages the Marshall County Recycle Depot, offering crucial recycling services to local residents. John Smillie actively supports climate solution policies and helps fund community-based solar projects. Finally, Billie Warren integrates Western science with traditional ecological knowledge to promote Indigenous food sovereignty in the Great Lakes Region.

Thanks to the efforts of these individuals, more Hoosiers are now aware that a thriving environment is key to a resilient future. These heroes are not only addressing current environmental challenges but are also fostering a network of sustainability champions across the state.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-tlillico

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