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Farm bill threatens Indiana food security

Farm bill threatens Indiana food security

By Andi Anderson

The recent advancement of the Farm Bill through the U.S. House Agriculture Committee has sparked significant concern among food banks in Indiana.

The bill proposes cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and other nutritional benefits, which could severely impact the state's fight against hunger.

Kier Crites Muller, president and CEO of Food Finders Food Bank in Lafayette, highlighted the critical role of the Farm Bill in combating food insecurity, which is reportedly at its highest since 2014 in Indiana.

According to Muller, the bill’s policy changes threaten to undermine federal nutrition programs essential for millions of Americans, particularly those in Indiana where one in seven people experiences food insecurity.

The $1.5 trillion legislation, crucial for setting policies for food, agriculture, and conservation programs over the next five years, currently lacks significant support, jeopardizing its passage.

The House proposal does offer some improvements to nutrition programs, but these are not sufficient to counteract the negative impacts of the broader cuts proposed.

Muller emphasized the need for legislation that makes strategic investments in ending hunger without compromising on essential programs like SNAP.

The Thrifty Food Plan, which calculates SNAP benefits based on the cost of economical groceries for a family of four, is also under scrutiny with the new bill.

As the debate continues, food banks across Indiana are calling for a balanced approach that protects food assistance programs, ensuring that all residents have access to the nutritious food they need.

The fate of the Farm Bill remains uncertain as it approaches the House floor for debate, with food security advocates closely monitoring the proceedings.

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