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Affordable healthcare in Indiana agriculture

Affordable healthcare in Indiana agriculture

By Andi Anderson

Indiana Farm Bureau Health Plans (INFBHP) recently released its annual member survey results, highlighting the program's significance for agricultural communities. Notably, half of new plan holders reported joining Indiana Farm Bureau specifically to access INFBHP, showcasing the critical need for affordable and reliable healthcare in rural areas.

The survey revealed significant cost savings for members, with half reporting lower premiums compared to previous plans. Additionally, a quarter of members saved up to $250 per month. Perhaps even more striking, 12% of plan holders lacked health insurance before joining INFBHP, demonstrating the program's role in filling a crucial healthcare gap.

Member satisfaction is another positive indicator. Nearly 85% would recommend INFBHP to others, and 80% of new members felt well-informed and supported throughout the application process. Interestingly, nearly two-thirds of new members learned about INFBHP through existing members, signifying strong word-of-mouth endorsement within the agricultural community.

Affordability and access to in-network providers emerged as the top reasons for joining INFBHP. The program leverages the expansive UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network, providing ample healthcare provider options. Nearly two-thirds of current members reported ease of use with their existing providers and satisfaction with the available choices.

"We conduct this annual survey to understand member sentiment about their coverage," said Steve Allen, INFB Health Plans manager. "Feedback from both new and existing members is vital for us to prioritize what matters most and continually improve our service, ensuring we meet their healthcare needs effectively."

As of April 30, 2024, INFBHP boasts over 4,600 enrolled plans, covering more than 9,500 Hoosiers. These figures solidify the program's positive impact on the health and well-being of Indiana's agricultural community.

Photo Credit: indiana-farm-bureau

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