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BP's Fowler Ridge 1 Wind Farm Upgrades Boost Renewable Energy Output

BP's Fowler Ridge 1 Wind Farm Upgrades Boost Renewable Energy Output

By Andi Anderson

In northwest Indiana, BP (NYSE: BP) completes a game-changing technological transformation at the Fowler Ridge 1 wind farm, marking a remarkable stride toward heightened renewable energy output and efficiency.

The wind farm's upgrade involves the installation of advanced Vestas turbines, projected to surge energy production by up to 40%. Anticipated to generate an average of 314,000 kilowatt-hours annually, these turbines could potentially power around 27,000 homes. Their efficiency shines through, harnessing power even at lower wind speeds, thus optimizing wind resources for increased electricity production.

Orlando Alvarez, bp America's chairman and president, underscores the significance of this initiative, aligning with bp's commitment to a low-carbon energy future. "It shows bp’s strategy in action – contributing to a more secure, affordable, and lower carbon energy mix while pursuing our net zero ambition," Alvarez stated.

The project encompassed a comprehensive upgrade involving 40 turbines, encompassing the installation of 120 individual blades and 40 new nacelles atop wind towers. This $100 million investment not only meets bp's expected returns for renewables but also extends the facility's operational lifespan, embodying a sustainable transition.

Partnering with Vestas, Ramit Bajaj, senior vice president of construction & operations for Vestas North America, commended the venture, emphasizing its role in rejuvenating aging fleets, boosting annual energy production, and furthering the clean energy transition.

Moreover, bp’s sustainable commitment extends beyond energy production. The company plans to recycle decommissioned blades, diverting up to 3.3 million pounds of material from landfills by repurposing them into cement products.

For bp, onshore wind stands as a pivotal aspect of its renewables & power business, aligning with the company's strategic transition growth engines, including bioenergy, convenience, electric-vehicle charging, and hydrogen. This technological overhaul at Fowler Ridge 1 underscores bp's dedication to a sustainable energy future.

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