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Indiana Farm Bureau Awards 2024 Student Scholarships

Indiana Farm Bureau Awards 2024 Student Scholarships

By Andi Anderson

Indiana Farm Bureau has recently announced the recipients of its 2024 Student Scholarship Awards, aiming to support students pursuing careers in agriculture. This year, five scholarships were awarded, including the newly introduced Ag Impact

Scholarship, highlighting applicants with a significant influence on Indiana's agricultural landscape.

The Ag Impact Scholarship, valued at $2,000 each, recognizes individuals who demonstrate a strong commitment to and potential impact in the field of agriculture. Three deserving recipients were selected:

Lauryn Merritt, hailing from Miami County, plans to pursue a double major in agriculture education and agriculture ministry at Huntington University. Merritt's extensive involvement in farming, coupled with her leadership roles in FFA, 4-H, and community initiatives like "Harvest for Hunger," exemplifies her dedication to agricultural advancement and community service.

Anna Minich, representing LaPorte County, will embark on her journey in animal science at South Dakota State University. With a background in dairy farming and a vision to become a large-animal veterinarian, Minich aims to pioneer advancements in animal care and disease prevention while contributing to food security.

Alexa Newby, from Putnam County, is set to pursue a degree in landscape architecture at Purdue University. Newby's entrepreneurial spirit, showcased through her business "Alie's Annuals," and her commitment to sustainability align with her aspiration to create beautiful, eco-friendly landscapes in her future career.

In addition to these scholarships, Indiana Farm Bureau also awarded two $1,000 scholarships to members of Collegiate Farm Bureau chapters at Purdue, Vincennes, and Huntington universities. Jayden Simpson and Camille Thopy, both Purdue University students, were this year's recipients, reflecting the diverse academic pursuits within the agricultural sector.

Randy Kron, President of Indiana Farm Bureau, commended the scholarship winners for their dedication and highlighted the importance of their contributions to the future of agriculture. He emphasized the wide array of career opportunities available within the agricultural industry, from farming and agribusiness to education, veterinary medicine, horticulture, and landscape architecture.

Indiana Farm Bureau encourages students to explore additional scholarship opportunities offered by county Farm Bureaus. For more information, interested individuals can visit the Scholarships page on the INFB website.

Photo Credit: Indiana Farm Bureau

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