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The significance of Indiana's Turkey industry

The significance of Indiana's Turkey industry

By Andi Anderson

Indiana ranks as one of the leading states in the United States when it comes to turkey production, with an annual output of more than 20 million turkeys. This thriving turkey industry significantly bolsters the rural economy of the state by providing employment opportunities and fostering the growth of various associated businesses.

There are several key reasons why Indiana stands out as an ideal location for turkey production. Firstly, the state boasts a substantial corn and soybean industry, which serves as the primary component of turkey feed. Secondly, Indiana's temperate climate creates an optimal environment for raising turkeys. Thirdly, the state has developed a robust infrastructure that encompasses feed mills, processing plants, and transportation networks, all of which play a pivotal role in supporting the turkey industry.

The turkey sector in Indiana bestows a multitude of advantages upon the state's economy. It directly and indirectly generates employment opportunities and lends its support to ancillary industries, such as feed mills, processing facilities, and transportation enterprises. Moreover, the turkey industry contributes to Indiana's tax revenue and offers a source of income for local governments.

Beyond its economic significance, the turkey industry holds a special place in Indiana's cultural and historical heritage. Turkeys are a traditional and cherished component of Thanksgiving celebrations in the United States, and Indiana takes pride in being a prominent producer of these iconic birds.

Here are some notable facts about turkey production in Indiana:

  • Indiana ranks as the fourth-largest turkey producing state in the United States.
  • Indiana's annual turkey production exceeds 20 million turkeys.
  • The turkey industry injects over $1 billion into Indiana's economic activity.
  • Employment in the turkey industry in Indiana surpasses 38,000 individuals.
  • Indiana's turkey products find their way to markets across the United States and internationally.


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